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Introduction is Cambodia’s leading real estate portal and the foremost source of information and news from the Kingdom’s property sector.

The Cambodia Investment Guide is an annual publication containing the latest information related to the Cambodian real estate market. It is the most comprehensive guide for both current and prospecting real estate property investors in the Kingdom.

This guide provides investors with an overview of all aspects of the Cambodian real estate market including macroeconomic data, industry trends, legal frameworks for investment, and specific regional information.

The guide has been supplemented by’s own analytical data, survey data, trusted third party research reports and the experiences of industry leaders in order to provide greater depth and clarity., however, is aware of the limitations of market data collection in the Kingdom and encourages the readers of this guide to consider these limitations and any recent major event before using this report to directly inform investment decisions.

Key reasons that Cambodia is experiencing a rapid influx of FDI


A massive network of special economic zones (SEZs) specifically created to support ease in manufacturing investment


Active and significant improvements to infrastructure and logistical networks


Predominance of the US dollar allows unrestricted capital flows

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Freehold ownership of property for foreigners

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Fully foreign-owned businesses are accepted

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Affordable labour costs

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A growing Cambodian middle class with more spending power


Easy, free and open policies for foreign businesses


Political stability for over two decades

Business is conducted in both English and Chinese


Appealing tax incentives and import/export duty exemptions